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Angry Birds Peace Treaty Spoof

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Angry Birds has become a global phenomenon and a hot topic for comedy shows to pick up on as we saw on SNL last week.

Here is another Angry Birds spoof from an Israeli comedy show that depicts a peace treaty between the Angry Birds and the pigs.  This video has been on YouTube for 6 weeks and it has already received 2.9 million views.

This video is the second-most viewed Angry Birds video on YouTube, trailing the Angry Birds trailer, which was added to YouTube 10 months ago and has racked up 13.5 million views. Unbelievable.

Why is Angry Birds so popular?

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Angry Birds has become such a craze that it has even captured the attention of CNN and SNL. Angry Birds was featured in this past week’s Saturday Night Live and Nick Thompson, senior editor at The New Yorker, discussed why the game has become so popular on Monday’s American Morning. The following video is titled, “Addicted to Angry Birds.”

Thompson said that it has been such a huge success because it has a great balance of easy levels and challenging levels, along with the cute characters.