Angry Birds Tips

Here are some Angry Birds tips to help you dominate the game.

High Score — You already know that killing the most pigs with the least amount of birds will net you the highest score since each unused bird is worth a cool 10,000 points, but you also get bonus points for the more damage you do. Unrelenting angry birds damage racks up the score.

Attacking Balance — Rather than blindly firing at walls, look for spots to attack the balance of the structure.

Pinch-and-Zoom — Would you rather see the whole screen rather than the Angry Birds launch post? You can pinch-and-zoom so you can better see the entire level.

Unlock Levels — You can unlock levels by finding golden eggs. There are a total of 17 hidden golden eggs that you can find. On the home screen, tap the sun to get one golden egg. We’ll have to tell you the rest in another post.